unio enterprise mission 2025

end to end connectivity

UNIO will provide super-fast and
ultra-secure broadband connectivity
services for mobile and stationary
applications on the entire globe – no
matter on land, in the sea and in the air.

UNIO Enterprise is a LEO satellite operator, focussed on delivering ultra-low latent broadband connectivity for mobile and fixed applications.

Our LEO satellite constellation will carry 2 communication layers, both RF and optical, which serve user terminals, satellites and ground stations, enabling an unmatched secure communication.

The invincible backbone
of Europe in space

Our mission

High-quality broadband connectivity for global mobile and stationary users


Connecting humanity by providing affordable high speed broadband connectivity, ultra-low latency and unique security

Security of tomorrow
is designed today.

It is not enough to establish communication routes; they also need to be safeguarded by the most effective self-defense technology we can offer.





Demo Mission 2025

Phase 1

Successful study and 
next steps

Phase 2

The demo 

Phase 3

Roll out

Behind UNIO

The joint venture is led by four architects and entrepreneurial centers of gravity

Isar Aerospace, Europe’s most flexible launch system, ideally suited for satellite constellations.

Mynaric, with their World known laser terminals for ground and Space.

Satellite manufacturer Reflex Aerospace, owner of an innovative approach to satellite design and manufacturing.

SES, world’ leading satellite operator, supports UNIO with frequencies and landing rights as well as with the operations center.

UNIO is targeting autonomous
mobility and high speed data

Connected cars 
and autonomous driving

Satellite supports autonomous mobility applications: Terrestrial networks are supplemented whenever needed and users are provided with a seamless connectivity experience.


The user terminals are an essential part of the system and provided by UNIO. They will be compact, light, easy to install.

System tracking between 
satellites and ground terminals

The satellite beams will point to the user terminals and remain there until the handover to the next satellite. The user terminal will be multi-beam operational and able to track multiple satellites simultaneously.

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