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The invincible backbone in Space

What is UNIO

The satellite metaconstellation

It will guarantee hyper-secure communications at all times and under all conditions.

For each and every commercial and governmental purpose. It can neither be hacked, jacked nor cracked.

What we will not be doing

Putting together just another constellation on the basis of what classic physical science and the protagonists of ClassicSpace postulate as eternal laws of nature and limits of knowledge.

Moreover, we do not aim to present a facelifted version of a classic constellation with modern features that serve as stylistic elements rather than as real functionalities.

Security of tomorrow is designed today.

It is not enough to establish communication routes; they also need to be safeguarded by the most effective self-defense technology we can offer.





Europe needs its own constellation, and needs it done the European way

Europe needs its constellation, and needs it done the European way

The innovative orbital configuration of placing just a few MEO satellites in conjunction with a LEO layer is one of the ways in which we are responsible. In addition, we don’t even emit thrust particles upon deorbiting; instead, we equip our satellites with the deorbit-turbo of ADEO, a sail system to accelerate the descent of satellites after end of life to minimize space debris as much as possible.

Behind UNIO

The joint venture is led by four architects and entrepreneurial centers of gravity.

Satellite manufacturer Reflex Aerospace, owner of an innovative approach to satellite design and manufacturing, acting as primus inter pares.

Mynaric, the world technology leader of air- and spaceborne laser link communications networks.

Isar Aerospace, Europe’s most flexible launch system ideally suited for satellite constellations.

The world’s only multi-orbit satellite player.

Since 2021, these four companies, each of them a NewSpace pioneer in their special field of technology, have succeeded in mobilizing a world of space SME and startups in order to gather the finest resources of the continent under one roof.

Europe’s Largest Network of the Small

A quantitative landmark never set this way before

The broadest spectrum of high-precision, digital and quantum tech NewSpace companies of Europe.

UNIO will make the difference
for institutions, businesses and citizens

Connected and autonomous driving

Satellite connectivity plays a central role in the plans of all auto manufacturers. The competitiveness of the European car industry is of utmost importance for UNIO, as it is one of the largest employers on the continent.

Seamless in-flight connectivity and connectivity on board other vessels

Passing through multiple countries or through international waters is another obvious use case which can be serviced by the constellation.

Every satellite of the constellation will always be live

Access to the data it transmits or receives as well as to the data produced by piggyback payloads will be instantaneous, always possible and always live.

This will allow for dozens of new applications and will bring existing use cases to a new level

Low bandwidth applications such as agricultural IoT can also be easily serviced, which will eliminate the need for dedicated low bandwidth constellations. All the sensors over the surface of the earth will be always live.

Connecting private households with bad or no internet access, and underserviced communities worldwide will enable a multitude of use cases ranging from video appointments in unconnected villages to enabling credit card payments and wire transfers in remote islands.

ADS-B and AIS payloads will piggyback on each satellite. These signals will be available live everywhere on the globe.

Unloading terrestrial networks by data-casting content via satellite will enable a symbiotic relationship with MNOs worldwide

Are you ready for the future?