unio enterprise mission 2025

end to end

It will guarantee low latency, high security communications system, that cannot be hacked, jacked nor cracked.

Vertically integrated to deliver affordable end to end connectivity.

UNIO Enterprise is a network service provider focused on delivering affordable internet connectivity to mobile users, through a satellite constellation.

The satellite constellation will carry 2 communication systems, RF comms and optical comms. Both will have a secure communication system, which includes User Terminals, Satellites and Ground Stations

The invincible backbone
of Europe in space

The goal

Affordable broadband and internet
access to global mobile user


Connecting humanity by providing affordable high speed broadband, low latency and secure connectivity

Security of tomorrow
is designed today.

It is not enough to establish communication routes; they also need to be safeguarded by the most effective self-defense technology we can offer.





Demo Mission 2025

Phase 1

Successful study and
next steps

Phase 2

The demo

Phase 3

Roll out

Behind UNIO

The joint venture is led by four architects and entrepreneurial centers of gravity.

Isar Aerospace, Europe’s most flexible launch system ideally suited for satellite constellations.

Mynaric, with their World known laser terminals for Ground and Space.

Satellite manufacturer Reflex Aerospace, owner of an innovative approach to satellite design and manufacturing acting as primus inter pares

SES support for the frequencies and landing rights, as well as the operations center.

The innovative orbital configuration of placing just a few MEO satellites in conjunction with a LEO layer is one of the ways in which we are responsible. In addition, we don’t even emit thrust particles upon deorbiting; instead, we equip our satellites with the deorbit-turbo of ADEO, a sail system to accelerate the descent of satellites after end of life to minimize space debris as much as possible.

UNIO is targeting autonomous
mobility and high speed data

and Autonomous Driving

The satellite connectivity is a bridge to terrestrial networks. It allows autonomous mobility. It also reduces the cost of terrestrial infrastructure layout and planning.


The terminals are highly important to the connectivity of the system and will be part of the UNIO product line. They will be compact, light, easy to install and directly available though our website.

System Tracking between
Satellites and Ground Terminals

The satellite beams will point to a position on the ground and lock to that position till handover to the following satellite. The ground will have multi beam operation that will track multiple satellites simultaneously.

Are you ready for
the future?