Press release: UNIO Enterprise successfully demonstrates industry-first seamless connectivity switching

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UNIO Enterprise successfully demonstrates industry-first seamless connectivity switching between 5G and satellite with new ‘Powered by UNIO’ bridge product for connected vehicles

  • UNIO demonstrates uninterrupted data connection for vehicles, moving from 5G to satellite connectivity
  • Successful test validates ‘Powered by UNIO’ bridge product – paving the way to revolutionise the connected vehicle market with ‘always-on’ connectivity
  • Product, with support of SparkCognition and AVL, to be delivered to first customer mid- 2024 – full commercial rollout expected in H2 2024

Munich, November 21, 2023 – Munich-based New Space start-up UNIO has today announced that it has successfully tested its ‘Powered by UNIO’ bridge product for connected vehicles and achieved a seamless switch from 5G to satellite connectivity.

During a live demonstration in Munich on November 20, a vehicle showcased a seamless transition between a connected 5G data rate and an equivalent data rate satellite connection. This demonstration featured a ‘bridge’ installation, and the transition occurred without any interruption to the data connection.

The success of this first high-level test demonstrated the integration of a terrestrial (4G, 5G) network from O2 Telefónica to a non-terrestrial (satellite) network (TN-NTN). This has validated the seamless switching needed for connected vehicles when moving from a well-covered 5G region to a thinly covered 4G/5G rural region, with the satellite connection assuming the priority link and achieving ‘always on’ connectivity using the bridge.

The UNIO bridge is the first product on the European market that is capable of achieving such a switch and validates UNIO’s ‘always-on’ connectivity focus.

“This is a huge milestone in the development of the connected vehicle. To be able to show a constant and stable connection – and data rate – remedies one of the core issues facing the industry – the challenge of delivering consistent coverage between city and countryside. I am grateful for the tremendous support of our entire UNIO team, whose innovation and technological know-how helped produce such exciting results.” Katrin Bacic, CEO, UNIO

The successful testing announced today marks the first step in a series of rigorous tests designed to advance and commercialise the product, culminating in the realisation of comprehensive software/technology, offering reliable coverage everywhere.

In addition to the recent live test in Munich, there will be further showcases and testing in November and December which will look to validate the integration of AI-at-the-Edge, 5G-over- RF, WiFi, and evolved architectures ensuring seamless and efficient operations. The testing will also include integrating evolved position, timing and navigation (PNT) optimisation services through AI/DNN enhancements.

“We are thrilled to be able to support UNIO’s vision of ‘always-on’ connectivity in the automotive world with our AI technology,” said Milton Lopez, SparkCognition Chief Designer. “SparkCognition’s ability to deliver AI-based vehicle health monitoring, advanced roadway and environment awareness, and intelligent driver services are fundamental to a connected car strategy.”

First products of the ’Powered by UNIO bridge’ will be delivered to a yet-to-be-named anchor customer in mid-2024, with full customer rollout planned for H2 of 2024.

A key element of this first showcase was the comprehensive testing of data acquisition and processing, coupled with vehicle prognostics, aimed at optimising fleet management cost- effectiveness. Consequent to this, UNIO anticipates expanding the testing and development of the UNIO bridge from its terrestrial ecosystem into a health and usage monitoring system for future satellites.

This will enable UNIO to develop accurate and timely prognostics for its deployed satellite constellation to best manage loads, capacity, service provisioning and end-to-end resources, fulfilling their customer demands across an optimized, efficient, and state-of-the-art sustainable constellation.

About UNIO

UNIO is a `new space´ company founded in Munich in 2022. As a joint venture of Isar Aerospace (the manufacturer of Europe’s most versatile launch vehicle for small payloads), Reflex Aerospace (Europe’s first venture capital-funded satellite manufacturer), Mynaric (the global pioneer in scaling laser communications) and SES (the world’s leading satellite operator and content connectivity service provider), UNIO is the only company combining the expertise of leading players from all core areas crucial to successful satellite communications.

UNIO is architecting Europe’s first sovereign, commercial satellite constellation for ubiquitous high-speed, high-performance, and highly secure dual-use connectivity focusing upon enabling new products and services within the mobility industry and beyond. Other areas of applications could include direct communication between companies (B2B) or between companies and public administrations (B2G).

Press Contact:
Paul Cornwell

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